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Welcome to the NQF Graphics and Fact Sheets Library!

Feel free to use these graphics and fact sheets in your work. To download a high-quality graphic, click on the file name and select OK at the prompt. Once the file is open, right click on the image and choose the "Save picture as..." option to save locally. Fact Sheets are pdf files: click on the file name to open, then save a copy locally.
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 Graphics and Fact Sheets

Diagram depicts a process of continuous commenting through all phases of the Consensus Development Process: call for measures, measure review, voting, appeals, maintenance, and then cycling back to call for measures in a circular manner.
CDP improvement document: Continuous Commenting on Measures
This diagram illustrates nine bubbles labeled with the challenges identified in evaluating cost and resource use measures. The bubbles are shown flowing through a funnel with the output being cost and resource use measures that meet stakeholder needs. The nine bubbles illustrating the challenges include: proprietary measure components, attribution, public and private sector alignment, costing approach, linking quality and costs, risk adjustment, evaluating grouper measures individually, carved out data and reliability at the individual physician level.
National Consensus Standards for Cost and Resource Use, IHA Pay for Performance Summit 2013
An infographic describing the process by which Depression Remission at 6 Months became an endorsed measure.
Candidate measures are evaluated for their suitability based on five sets of standardized criteria in the following order: 1) importance to measure and report; 2) scientific acceptability of measure properties; 3) feasibility; 4) use and usability; and 5) comparison to related or competing measures.
Figure illustrates the steps of the measure lifecycle and the corresponding gaps along the pathway.
Measure Applications Partnership Strategic Plan: 2012–2015
Multi-stakeholder committees review measures against five endorsement criteria: 1) importance to measure and report; 2) scientific accebability of measure properties; 3) feasibility; 4) usability and use; and 5) assess related and competing measures. To receive NQF endorsement, measures must meet all five criteria.
Field Guide
Join the NQF Quality Community! Brochure for prospective members of NQF.
NQF Member Relations
Overview of the Consensus Development Process (CDP) to evaluate and endorse consensus standards, including performance measures, best practices, frameworks, and reporting guidelines.
National Consensus Standards for Cost and Resource Use, IHA Pay for Performance Summit 2013
An introduction to NQF's new Health Equity Program
Health Equity Program
NQF is an independent organization at the fulcrum of national goals for increasing value and improving healthcare quality. NQF is the national leader in measurement science; a trusted advisor to Congress, HHS, and the Administration; and is working to transform America's healthcare through measurement.
CEO New York meeting handout
(pdf print version, 17in by 11in) The timeline shows the start and end dates of current NQF projects under task orders active as of November 2017
Member relations
A factsheet describes NQF's strategic direction for the years 2016 through 2019.
Introduced at the 2016 Annual Conference. Updated 1/2018.
Highlights of NQF work in 2015 included NQS recommendations, improving quality and efficiency in measurement, recommending measures for use in federal programs, indentifying measure gaps in HHS programs, coordinating with measurement initiatives implemented by other payers, and moving the field of measurement science forward.
public outreach
Factsheet describing revised procedures for endorsement decisions, appeals, and nominations.
NQF Consensus Development Process
The Measure Applications Partnership influences upstream and downstream opportunities to address measure gaps. These include conceptualization, development and testing, endorsement, and application.
Measuring Healthcare Quality in the Dual Eligible Beneficiary Population: Final Report to HHS, June 2012
This infographic explains the aims of the National Quality Strategy - better care, more affordable care, and healthier people and communities, and explains what NQF is doing to help reach these aims.