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National Quality Forum's Online Forum Policy

The National Quality Forum (NQF) hosts several on-line discussion venues for NQF members and others interested in healthcare quality.

NQF welcomes collegial, professional discussion in these venues.  Please be respectful of the rights of others to hold and express their own opinions. 

We reserve the right to remove content and to suspend or terminate your use of these discussion venues.  Postings that contain the following types of statements or materials may result in such actions:
              personal attacks against individuals or organizations;
              graphic, obscene, sexist, or racist comments;
              spam, solicitations, and advertisements;
              off-topic, irrelevant, or inappropriate statements or materials;
              copyrighted material posted without the permission of the copyright owner;
              advertisement of consultative services or solicitation of commercial business;
              promotion of political parties, candidates, or personal political viewpoints; and
              other content deemed inappropriate by NQF.

In order to preserve the ease and speed of navigating the online discussion venues, please post links for certain large files, including the following: 

              video files;
              audio files;
              executable files; and
              files over 10Mb in size.

For a more comprehensive discussion of posting to discussion venues, please see the Terms of Use on NQF’s website.  For further information, please contact NQF’s Information Technology Department.